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Solving Wastewater Disposal Problems

Evapocycle is a patented above ground "super evaporative" wastewater treatment and wastewater disposal solution. This solution can solve a range of septic problems and self contained sewerage problems, and is ideal for difficult sites.

It's a land application, and because it is above ground, it does not rely on ground conditions and so is suitable in many applications where conventional systems are not appropriate or have failed.

Wondering if this site can help you? These are common problems that we address:

- Failed septic or failed self contained sewage systems.

- Difficult sites (rocky ground, small blocks, poor drainage) that can't be fixed with conventional septic.

- Situations where periods of peak use or high rainfall cause your septic or greywater to become a problem.

- A septic system or self contained sewerage system is turning your backyard into a health hazard.

- You want an economical, chemical free, power efficient method of disposing of storm water or industrial wastewater.

- You need a self-contained wastewater disposal system for a large industrial or commercial site, or for a major hotel.

- You have an environmentally sensitive area that requires a non-polluting, environmentally sustainable sewage or waste water management system.

- You have liquid waste containing toxic elements or heavy metals that require an environmentally responsible method of disposal.